Advantages of implemented

Advantages of implementing HACCP system

Supply of safe food products for consumers

Opportunities for the selection of safe food products

Establishment of hygiene management system

Centralization of hygiene management system and enhancement of efficiency

Documentation enhances the accuracy of audit.

Encourages international transactions by narrowing the gap in food safety management systems among relevant countries

Classification Before HACCP System
Follow up Take an action afterwards Preventive control system
Skill requirement Require skills to analyze the result Unnecessary to have professional skill to
Promptitude Take long time to analyze Rapid
Cost Tooexpensive Cheap
Processing Management Manage and inspect sites and final products Process management(CCP management)
Range of evaluation Evaluate limited  number of samples Evaluate as many  as samples in each batch
Control range of HA Manage only hazard  in regulation Manage the selected hazard by hazard analysis
Product safety control manager expert unskilled