introduction of business


HACCP Accreditation

Evaluation of HACCP Accreditation

Renewal Evaluation

Alteration Evaluation

Regular Inspection and Evaluation

Technical Support about HACCP

Technical Support for HACCP Accreditation

Technical Support after HACCP Accreditation

Research and development of HACCP(operating Laboratory)

Livestock Research and experiment

Reserach and Development of Food

Education and Information service for HACCP

HACCP education for Livestock product, Microbiological Examination Practice, education for livestock industry employee

HACCP information service for customer

Research and Statistics for HACCP and Food industry

Research for HACCP policy and system

Research for Korea Food industry and analysis of HACCP implement effect

Certification of Environment-friendly livestock products

hygiene rating service of Food Service business

On-site sruvey of Overseas manufacturing companies