HACCP Technical Surport

Expertise counselling

Consulting how to manage tasks, e.g. hazard analysis, workplace layout, application procedure, etc.

Customized HACCP Technical Support

Providing HACCP-customized technical support in accordance with the preparation level of the place of work, business establishment and farm on site.

Priorities of technical support

Priorities of technical support table
Priorities of technical support image 1 Priorities of technical support image 2 Priorities of technical support image 3
Mandatory application(snack, candy, rice cake and bread, chocolate, fish sausage, beverage, instant food, noodle and instant fried noodle, food for special purpose, Korean sausage, processed milk products, and processed egg products etc) Voluntary application(Food service business, farm etc) Autonomous items (Food service business, Alcoholic beverage sales business, Communal feeding center, Other food sales business etc)

Follow-up Support after HACCP Accreditation

Enforcement of follow-up management for HACCP-accredited companies and technical support for stabilization of the system. On-site technical support about the pointed out items in the periodic inspection·assessment process according to the company’s level.

Notice of HACCP Information

We provide a lot variety of practical information and policy materials relevant to food required to HACCP application · operation via online media like E-mail